Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chocolate kisses and a chocolate hunk!

Here is my first Integrity Toys guy. I have not decided what he will be called, but ain't he fine?

He is taller than my other male dolls which is why he only wearing the box of chocolate.

The Basic IT girls do not seem to mind the lack of clothes. *smile*

Here are the ladies (to be named later) solo pics:


  1. Very nice D'Mari! I love your post! Victor James is such a hunk. The ladies don't seem to mind that he is wearing a box of chocolates. Lol! Love your dolls and pics!

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl! These dolls are just amazing! I really enjoyed their first photo shoot.

  3. Oh my goodness! Dazzle doll is doing a post. Heyyyyy. So nice to see a post from you now that I know who you are. LOL! Loving the Victor James doll. He looks just fine in his chocolates. Love the other IT girls too.

  4. You are so sweet Vanessa! I know right! I last posted in 12/11. I am getting on the ball and getting my blog on! LOL!