Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Surprise!

I hope the girls enjoy these baskets as much as I enjoyed making them.

Basket, chocolate bunny and jelly beans.


Finished Basket!

All ready for lunch with my best girls!

 After Lunch...

                           Sophia: Hi Sterling!
                           Sterling: Hey Sweet Soph, I was just thinking about you. 
                                          Are you on your way here?
                           Sophia: Yes, sweetie, I am just leaving the restaurant.
                           Sterling: Great, I really need to see you, shuga.
                           Sophia: Me too, baby, me too!

Sterling: Baby, you are here!
Sophia: Oh Sterling, I'm so glad I am finally here.

Sterling: Gimme some of that Sophie shuga! 
Sophia: That I can do!

Sterling: Take a load off. I know shopping and "doing lunch", 
                is very tiring (laughing).
 Sophia: Ha, ha mister! You just want me to try out your new sofa. 
          I must admit, you did a pretty good job with the room.  
          It just needs a few finishing touches.

Sophia: Let me show you the pictures from today.
Sterling: Wow, nice Easter Basket.
Sophia: That's what I made for my girls.

                                         Sterling:  Who's the dude?
                                         Sophia:  Oh him? 
                                         Sterling: Yeah him!
                                         Sophia: Oh him, that's just Kenny...
                                                  a movie star!
                                         Sterling:  Mmmmm...                                                                                         

Girl: Mmmm whatever..let's put the photos away... I believe you owe me...

Sterling: A foot massage...yes I remember!
Sophia:  Ahhhhhh, uhhh, mmmm.

                                          Sophia: Hey, what is that behind you?
                                          Sterling: What? Where? Oh that?

Sophia: Oh my! A giant chocolate bunny! 
 Sterling: Yeah just a lil coco bunny
               for my coco honey.


Sophia:  You dear, dear man! (smooch, smooch!)

Sterling and Sophia...hearts and minds intertwined.

Happy Easter!

I think I got the BIGGEST egg!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!

St. Patricks Day or 
 My choice for servers at Shamrocks

It's not Valentine's Day, but LOVE is in the air!

Floating on air
Lost in each others eyes
Cloud Nine


Two hearts beat together   
Got your back!

Dip Me Baby!


Sooo loving St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A lil Sparkle for A Dynamite Girl

                  I do LOVE surprises!


                                                  Nothing like some shoe bling!!!