Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Surprise!

I hope the girls enjoy these baskets as much as I enjoyed making them.

Basket, chocolate bunny and jelly beans.


Finished Basket!

All ready for lunch with my best girls!

 After Lunch...

                           Sophia: Hi Sterling!
                           Sterling: Hey Sweet Soph, I was just thinking about you. 
                                          Are you on your way here?
                           Sophia: Yes, sweetie, I am just leaving the restaurant.
                           Sterling: Great, I really need to see you, shuga.
                           Sophia: Me too, baby, me too!

Sterling: Baby, you are here!
Sophia: Oh Sterling, I'm so glad I am finally here.

Sterling: Gimme some of that Sophie shuga! 
Sophia: That I can do!

Sterling: Take a load off. I know shopping and "doing lunch", 
                is very tiring (laughing).
 Sophia: Ha, ha mister! You just want me to try out your new sofa. 
          I must admit, you did a pretty good job with the room.  
          It just needs a few finishing touches.

Sophia: Let me show you the pictures from today.
Sterling: Wow, nice Easter Basket.
Sophia: That's what I made for my girls.

                                         Sterling:  Who's the dude?
                                         Sophia:  Oh him? 
                                         Sterling: Yeah him!
                                         Sophia: Oh him, that's just Kenny...
                                                  a movie star!
                                         Sterling:  Mmmmm...                                                                                         

Girl: Mmmm whatever..let's put the photos away... I believe you owe me...

Sterling: A foot massage...yes I remember!
Sophia:  Ahhhhhh, uhhh, mmmm.

                                          Sophia: Hey, what is that behind you?
                                          Sterling: What? Where? Oh that?

Sophia: Oh my! A giant chocolate bunny! 
 Sterling: Yeah just a lil coco bunny
               for my coco honey.


Sophia:  You dear, dear man! (smooch, smooch!)

Sterling and Sophia...hearts and minds intertwined.


  1. This is a Easter surprise. LOL. Great story. Awww to be in love. Very nice Easter basket. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Is love in all my stories? Hehehe! These photos were taken way back and finally received some dialog to become a story - I am having a ball!

  2. Easter basket filled with goodies, lucky, lucky girls ;-D

    1. Yes, D7ana, I love making it. The chocolate bunny is a painted button. :)It is packed away right now, it will be treat to see it again!

  3. Wow! what a loving couple. I love it!

    1. Greetings Grandmommy! Yes I do tend to inject a lil love into my themes. LOL! I soooo love my dolls, and really enjoy creating photo shoots and stories. Thanks for watching!

  4. Hahahaha, omg, how did he hide that bunny behind him XD

    This was really cute, and that basket is just awesome! I would be thrilled to get that for Easter.

    Also, wooooow, Sterling has awesome hair!

    I'm a new follower :)
    Feel free to stop by my Barbie blog:

  5. Hello there Heather! Aren't dolls just fabulous? We look at them, dress them up, photo them, create whole worlds for them. Sterling's hair was done by Dolla, my good friend and a doll artist. And I will definitely check out your blog. So glad you enjoyed mine and welcome!

  6. I love it DeMari! Girl, you have all of these wonderful pictures hidden from us. This Is good! I still have my Easter basket. ; ). This was perfect timing to share them. I love Mr. Sterling? He is a hunk of a sweetheart! Lol!

  7. Hey there Georgia Girl! I am having so much find sharing the photos. Oops- I missed last week - trying to post each week! I really enjoy creating the photo shoots. And yes, Mr Sterling is hot!