Saturday, June 4, 2016

Daphne 's new clothes

Greetings, Daphne here.

My order of tailored pants has arrived from my new favorite designer - Vansdolltreasures (on etsy).  I am so excited!

Oh my! These are even more lovely than I expected.

White slacks and black jeans

I was so inspired by the anticipation of my new pants, I made a few quick no sew tops

And now for the fashion show!

The jeans are a perfect fit! 

 Yes, baby's got back!

Oh yes, I am so loving this look!  
My top is cute too, don't you agree?

 Check out the bells on this babies!

Well folks, I just look too good to stay in - so I'm going out! 

 Live life to the fullest,
Love with your whole heart,
and most of all