Saturday, June 4, 2016

Daphne 's new clothes

Greetings, Daphne here.

My order of tailored pants has arrived from my new favorite designer - Vansdolltreasures (on etsy).  I am so excited!

Oh my! These are even more lovely than I expected.

White slacks and black jeans

I was so inspired by the anticipation of my new pants, I made a few quick no sew tops

And now for the fashion show!

The jeans are a perfect fit! 

 Yes, baby's got back!

Oh yes, I am so loving this look!  
My top is cute too, don't you agree?

 Check out the bells on this babies!

Well folks, I just look too good to stay in - so I'm going out! 

 Live life to the fullest,
Love with your whole heart,
and most of all


  1. Awesome! You dressed those us really nicely. That black and white top is the bomb. Are you a member of the Dasia FB page? You really need to post a few pictures there.

    1. Hi Vanessa! I love the pants you designed - they fit perfectly. I made the tops from....socks! Me and fabri-tac are a great team. I'll be sure to check out the Dasia page.

  2. Ditto what Vanessa said. That black and white top with those white pants looks like something off a runway.

    1. Thanks Jewell! I can swing some tops but pants are more complex. I'll will definitely order more pants from Vanessa.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi AG Jane! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics! She will be in story soon...

  4. Dasia is ready for the night out on the town! She will definitely turns several heads!! She looks gorgeous! Great job on the tops!

  5. Hey there Georgia Girl! I had fun with the top. Dollar tree has a cute selection of socks! These quick tops have my creative juices are bubbling.