Sunday, May 22, 2016

New 'Do , New Attitude

Let's join Zora and Ciara at the spa...

Zora: Mmm...I don't know...cut my hair? 

                                      Is that really necessary?

Okay, that's not so bad...but there had better be an ocean of waves.

Uh... this is...interesting?

Ciara:Oh no, I can't even look! 
                                     How much did you cut?

Ciara: Lookee here, this relaxer to natural curly afro experiment just better work. 'Cause if I cut my hair for nothing.. well sista- you don't even want to know!

Ahhhhh! No, no, no, no, no!

Ciara: Look at this! What's with these rainbow spikes!

Zora: Oh Ciara, stop freaking out. 

Oh girl, you will feel much better once you have your massage.

Hello ladies. My name is Maurice, and I am at your service.  Who is first?

Zora: Me!

Ciara: Me!

                     After the massage...

Zora: Now isn't that better?

Ciara: Shush now, I am starting to feel the Zen.

              The Unveiling....

Zora: I am so loving these waves!

      Ciara: OMG! I love it!

                                   Stepping out in style!

(Special Note: I loved the big curls on Ciara so much I could not bring myself to tease them out for the afro.  Hehehe! I'll have to do another hair makeover, and actually do the afro. Next time!)


  1. Great job, DeMari! I enjoyed the dialogue, too!


  2. Thanks dgb! It is amazing how different a doll looks with a new hair style.

  3. Wow!! They turned out really nice!! I clearly see why you did not want to tease the hair. Great photostory as well! Your dolls always crack me up! Lol!

  4. Thank ya kindly Georgia Girl! I'll pick out a chick and do the afro style soon. Glad you you the stories!