Sunday, February 23, 2014

Introducing Tatiana Raye

I designed this doll for my dear friend and fellow doll lover Vickey when she had a birthday and became a lady of a certain age.  I say “designed” as while I did create the accessories; I ordered the doll head and lovely dress from overseas.   Here is the photo shoot I did before presenting Tatiana Raye to my friend.

Here she is – Ms. Tatiana Raye


Strike a pose! 

                                           Lovely face and the hair –  
                                    simply fabulous!

The gift bag

                                                       and its contents 

The shoes are fierce!

Jewelry modified purse

                  As stunning from the back as the front



Shadow play

 I used the crop tool to create this 
 awesome shadow shot.

The blinds caused these 
interesting lines of light and shade.


The light casts a wonderful glow on her face

                         As presented to the birthday girl!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

(Shashara and Ray are on the phone discussing their Valentine's Day plans)

Shashara: I know we are staying in tonight, but let’s dress up.
Ray:  For pizza?
Shashara: Yes for pizza and sparkling wine!
Ray:  Okay, okay I’ll be there with tails on. Later.
Shashara:  Thanks Hon. See ya soon.

Later that evening...

Isn’t this fun?

 You look wonderful in pink.  I’m glad you suggested adding some pizazz to our pizza par-tay!

This is for you. 

 The card is so pretty. And it says “ I gave you my heart and you filled it with love. “. 
Oh Ray, such sweet words… I ‘m touched.…

I didn’t know we doing touching cards…

Well anyway here’s my card for you.
Come on Babe ...let me read it
“ How about some wine & cheese or would you rather prefer lips and cheeks “ . 
Well alright... now that sound really good.  Thanks Babydoll.

Here’s your gift, Ray.

Wow – it’s the camera I’ve been lusting after.  This so cool!

Now it is your turn.  

What is THAT? 
Every woman wants a ring riiight?  Hehehe! 

Alright Babydoll, here’s the real gift.

Ray! It’s a Madame Loopsy Doll! 

How did you know? I can’t believe you did this!  I love her!

Sweetie before we indulge, let’s take a picture. You know, try out my gift.

                   Now can we eat?

Shashara, my darling...
the one who is my sun and my moon.  I bask in your glow! 

 Yes, Ray- my beloved. And you are earth that both grounds me and shakes me to my core!

                                    (They both crack up laughing.)

Seriously Babydoll, this was a truly lovely night. I am glad it was just us.

Me too.  Because “just us” was just right and all we really needed to make this night special. And it's almost over...

                    Who says the night is over…

Hey! Where is everyone going?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Photo Shoot

 Snow Leopard

 Mmm...nice shot, but my face is shadowed...this simply will not do.

 Oh yes much better!


 And back to the log cabin..

 A Snowy Day


I love nature.....

   and I love Macy's!


 The Snow Bunny

Okay we are so NOT doing the swimsuit shot today!

Sure the icy trees are glistening, 
but I am freezing in all my foxy-ness!