Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

(Shashara and Ray are on the phone discussing their Valentine's Day plans)

Shashara: I know we are staying in tonight, but let’s dress up.
Ray:  For pizza?
Shashara: Yes for pizza and sparkling wine!
Ray:  Okay, okay I’ll be there with tails on. Later.
Shashara:  Thanks Hon. See ya soon.

Later that evening...

Isn’t this fun?

 You look wonderful in pink.  I’m glad you suggested adding some pizazz to our pizza par-tay!

This is for you. 

 The card is so pretty. And it says “ I gave you my heart and you filled it with love. “. 
Oh Ray, such sweet words… I ‘m touched.…

I didn’t know we doing touching cards…

Well anyway here’s my card for you.
Come on Babe ...let me read it
“ How about some wine & cheese or would you rather prefer lips and cheeks “ . 
Well alright... now that sound really good.  Thanks Babydoll.

Here’s your gift, Ray.

Wow – it’s the camera I’ve been lusting after.  This so cool!

Now it is your turn.  

What is THAT? 
Every woman wants a ring riiight?  Hehehe! 

Alright Babydoll, here’s the real gift.

Ray! It’s a Madame Loopsy Doll! 

How did you know? I can’t believe you did this!  I love her!

Sweetie before we indulge, let’s take a picture. You know, try out my gift.

                   Now can we eat?

Shashara, my darling...
the one who is my sun and my moon.  I bask in your glow! 

 Yes, Ray- my beloved. And you are earth that both grounds me and shakes me to my core!

                                    (They both crack up laughing.)

Seriously Babydoll, this was a truly lovely night. I am glad it was just us.

Me too.  Because “just us” was just right and all we really needed to make this night special. And it's almost over...

                    Who says the night is over…

Hey! Where is everyone going?


  1. I love it!! I was cracking up laughing "I bask in your glow". Lol! Ray was laying it on thick. Lol! I love your pics and that adorable La La Loopsy. He gave her the perfect gift. That big diamond ring in dolly size would have been perfect too. ; )

    Great story my friend!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl! If I set up a scene...I just have to make story - I have a set. LoL! Neat twist the have my girl can be doll collector - it is so Twilight zone! And Ray and Shashara are too new in love for a ring!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dbg! I am trying to get back to regular blogging. I love it but sometimes i need a prompt. The So In Style Fan Club promoted this post with Valentine card swap - love it!

  3. Donna, I just love it. It had me laughing and saying " Aww" as well. Good Job!!!

  4. Thanks Unknown! A good story has laughter and good vibes! Welcome!

  5. Delightful story! Well done, Donna Mari.

    (orchard_doll on SIS)

  6. Clap, clap, clap! Loved the fun story.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it Yvonne! Dolly play is so much fun.

  8. Thanks Muff! Can't have too many dolls! Or doll story ideas- just not enough time to get them out of your head!

  9. Lol! That was a sweet Valentine day. I'm glad Shashara was so light and carefree.

  10. Thanks Vanessa! I really enjoyed putting it together. Gotta love any holiday with a chocolate focus!