Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Photo Shoot

 Snow Leopard

 Mmm...nice shot, but my face is shadowed...this simply will not do.

 Oh yes much better!


 And back to the log cabin..

 A Snowy Day


I love nature.....

   and I love Macy's!


 The Snow Bunny

Okay we are so NOT doing the swimsuit shot today!

Sure the icy trees are glistening, 
but I am freezing in all my foxy-ness!


  1. Thanks grandmommy! I had to make Popsicles out of all this snow we are having- so ready for spring!

  2. S glad you enjoyed my pics Muff! This super long winter is tough! Doll photos are good therapy - I always feel better after a shoot.

  3. I love your pics! That last shot is HOT! Lol! Snow pictures are the best. I so want to take some, but have yet to get up the courage. Good for you! : )

  4. Just be brave Georgia Girl! Take your girls on tour. LoL! Thanks for checking out my blog.

  5. Loving those fur coats. Those white boots are da bomb, too. That last shot is pretty fabulous. She's a brave doll.

  6. Vanessa, I almost didn't mind the crazy weather we are having; when I taking these photos! Doll play just takes me to my happy place. :)