Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Chair Time!

Java Time

 And here I sit waiting for my new chair to be delivered.  I ordered two but there was a issue with the first one, so I sent it back.  And here I sit...waiting, waiting... but check out my boots -  the boots are fierce!

 What a wonder spot to check the web, sip some java and have a sweet bite - or two!

Story time

Cara : Jump, jump, jump!
Dannie: Yippee!

(From outside the room) I KNOW I do not hear two lil sets of feet jumping in my chair!


 Cara and Dannie in unison: We were not jumping! We promise!
 Tasha: Mmm....really?
 Cara:  Read us a story!
 Dannie: Yes please!

Once upon a time.a long, long ago...

Shopping Time

Any day spent shopping is good day.  And today was no exception. 
And now it is "bunny" time and time for a lil wine!

High Style Time

Here are the chairs I bought for my birthday - 
and I so, so  LOVE  them!


  1. Love the chairs and the stories featuring them.


    1. Thanks BDE! My girls now have "real" chairs! May have to get some more "real" furniture for them!

  2. So cool!! CONGRATS on a GREAT bday gift!!!

    1. Hi Pixxa Tatum! My bday gifts used to be for me, now they are mostly dolls and stuff for my dolls! Love it!

  3. Really cute chairs, and great blog!

  4. Thanks so much Eve. So wish I could have them my size! Welcome to my lil dollie world!

  5. you have gorgeous dolls ^^ I like the rabbit shoes, so girly ;)

  6. You are so sweet Bounnie Doll! Even a Diva has a comfy cozy side!