Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Chair Time!

Java Time

 And here I sit waiting for my new chair to be delivered.  I ordered two but there was a issue with the first one, so I sent it back.  And here I sit...waiting, waiting... but check out my boots -  the boots are fierce!

 What a wonder spot to check the web, sip some java and have a sweet bite - or two!

Story time

Cara : Jump, jump, jump!
Dannie: Yippee!

(From outside the room) I KNOW I do not hear two lil sets of feet jumping in my chair!


 Cara and Dannie in unison: We were not jumping! We promise!
 Tasha: Mmm....really?
 Cara:  Read us a story!
 Dannie: Yes please!

Once upon a time.a long, long ago...

Shopping Time

Any day spent shopping is good day.  And today was no exception. 
And now it is "bunny" time and time for a lil wine!

High Style Time

Here are the chairs I bought for my birthday - 
and I so, so  LOVE  them!