Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sistagirls in New Orleans!

 At the Parade!
 Alexa and Tricia

We brought our own beads - no flashing required!

The music is amazing!

Mystery Ladies

And across the street, around the corner, down the steps...
and through an iron gate; we find a red door.

Ms. Octavia the Fortune Teller

The Next Day 

Alexa:  Come on - Tricia! I want to grab some 
             breakfast before we leave.

Tricia: I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold your horses!

 Alexa: Truth time...I did go see the fortune teller.
 Tricia: What? I thought you didn't believe!  Bogus hooey - 
your exact words I believe?
 Alexa: I know, I KNOW what I said! I was curious - so kill me!

Tricia: So what did she say?
Alexa: I rather not say.

Tricia: Stop playing! Get out of your purse and spill it!

Alexa: Okay, okay...chill. She told me.. hey wait a minute..
you didn't say what did she told you.
Tricia: Asked you first!
Alexa: (rolled eyes) Seriously! Are you 10?

Tricia: So what goes on in Nawlins, STAYS in Nawlins!
Alexa: Here, here!

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