Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sistagirls in New Orleans!

 At the Parade!
 Alexa and Tricia

We brought our own beads - no flashing required!

The music is amazing!

Mystery Ladies

And across the street, around the corner, down the steps...
and through an iron gate; we find a red door.

Ms. Octavia the Fortune Teller

The Next Day 

Alexa:  Come on - Tricia! I want to grab some 
             breakfast before we leave.

Tricia: I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold your horses!

 Alexa: Truth time...I did go see the fortune teller.
 Tricia: What? I thought you didn't believe!  Bogus hooey - 
your exact words I believe?
 Alexa: I know, I KNOW what I said! I was curious - so kill me!

Tricia: So what did she say?
Alexa: I rather not say.

Tricia: Stop playing! Get out of your purse and spill it!

Alexa: Okay, okay...chill. She told me.. hey wait a minute..
you didn't say what did she told you.
Tricia: Asked you first!
Alexa: (rolled eyes) Seriously! Are you 10?

Tricia: So what goes on in Nawlins, STAYS in Nawlins!
Alexa: Here, here!

Sistergirls - soul friends from age 17 to 47 to 107!


  1. Great post!! I LOVE your pics! The girls look like they had a ball in Nawlins. Lol! Hey, I wanted to know what Ms Octavia had to say. Lol! I love love that picture of her. Well done my friend. ; )

    1. Oh Georgia Girl - you are too sweet! You I couldn't stop at one picture! And maybe Ms Octavia will return...who knows. As for her pic, I love the shadows.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks BDE! So glad you enjoyed it - I so love creating the stories.

  3. Great story and they look so natural in their poses! The food looks kinda good there too!. LOL

    1. Hi ya Grandmommy! Thanks for the compliments! I just wish the pastries were not glued to the plate, so they could pick them up!

  4. How cute! You represented Nawlins quite well. Great to see a post from you.

  5. Thanks so much Vanessa! I so love creating photo stories so you think I'd post more. Hope to post more regularly, not in league with your super blogger status; but more for me! LOL! You are such a creative inspiration1