Monday, July 1, 2013

Prom 2013 Disco Nights

Angelita and Donovan

Miranda and Alex

Zara and Kyle

Nicole came to the prom stag...

 as her date cancelled at the last minute.
                 She wore a tux like outfit 
                                          and was of course - fabulous!

Strike a pose -- now vogue!

Glamour Girls!

Dancing shoes

Angelita: Hey Zara, where are ya'll going?
Zara: To check out the disco room, come with us.

                  My girls - one for all, and all for one!

Flower power!

Miranda: here are our dates. 
Alex: Hey Babe, we're were just about to come back down.
Kyle and Donovan:  Of course, we were!

Meanwhile back at the stage..Nicole is pulling a lil outfit switcheroo! 

The 2013 Prom King and Queen!

The Royal Couple and their friends.

(Back in the Disco room)

          Miranda: Hey are you guys leaving?
          Angelita: Yes,we are going for something sweet,
                         and maybe some ice cream too!
          Miranda: Hahahah!  Did you see Nicole? 
                        She has you beat for the most leg 
                        showing dress!
          Angelita:  Good!
          Alex: You guys be careful out there.
          Donovan: We will. Congrats again, 
                         His and Her Majesty!

                                       Zara: So should I curtsy?
                                       Miranda: But of course! 
                                       Kyle: I see our other friends 
                                           skipped out a lil early.
                                      Alex:  Yeah, I know riiight!

 Until next year...


  1. Beautiful pictures with lots of attention to detail. Great job!


    1. Thanks for the compliments dbg! I enjoy your blog also - so informative - doll I had never heard of - plus the history.

  2. The dolls are just beautiful.. You are so creative!!

    1. Aww - your so sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope to keep posting often so come back!

  3. Now, that was downright fun! The queens dress is fabulous! That blue sofa is so cool!
    You get an A+ for staging. :-)

    1. Thanks Grandmommy The queens dress was the first I picked, I love when doll clothes look like people clothes. I mean you can't wear a mini dress everyday!LOl! I love love love staging the sets - always trying to find stuff to decorate the rooms.

  4. I love your pics, scenes, storytelling! Great post Donna Mari!

    My favorite scene is the strike a pose shot. Lol! Love it!

    1. Hi ya Georgia Girl! You are making me blush! Thank you, thank you!It was only going to be a king and queen pic, then...the ideas started...and I had to go with it! More to come- not sure when- but soon...

  5. Awww, prom. Lovely photos. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful couples. The glamour girls were killing it.

  6. Thank you so much Vanessa! Doll play just fills me with joy! And it justifies my thrift store addiction!