Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Chair Time!

Java Time

 And here I sit waiting for my new chair to be delivered.  I ordered two but there was a issue with the first one, so I sent it back.  And here I sit...waiting, waiting... but check out my boots -  the boots are fierce!

 What a wonder spot to check the web, sip some java and have a sweet bite - or two!

Story time

Cara : Jump, jump, jump!
Dannie: Yippee!

(From outside the room) I KNOW I do not hear two lil sets of feet jumping in my chair!


 Cara and Dannie in unison: We were not jumping! We promise!
 Tasha: Mmm....really?
 Cara:  Read us a story!
 Dannie: Yes please!

Once upon a time.a long, long ago...

Shopping Time

Any day spent shopping is good day.  And today was no exception. 
And now it is "bunny" time and time for a lil wine!

High Style Time

Here are the chairs I bought for my birthday - 
and I so, so  LOVE  them!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sistagirls in New Orleans!

 At the Parade!
 Alexa and Tricia

We brought our own beads - no flashing required!

The music is amazing!

Mystery Ladies

And across the street, around the corner, down the steps...
and through an iron gate; we find a red door.

Ms. Octavia the Fortune Teller

The Next Day 

Alexa:  Come on - Tricia! I want to grab some 
             breakfast before we leave.

Tricia: I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold your horses!

 Alexa: Truth time...I did go see the fortune teller.
 Tricia: What? I thought you didn't believe!  Bogus hooey - 
your exact words I believe?
 Alexa: I know, I KNOW what I said! I was curious - so kill me!

Tricia: So what did she say?
Alexa: I rather not say.

Tricia: Stop playing! Get out of your purse and spill it!

Alexa: Okay, okay...chill. She told me.. hey wait a minute..
you didn't say what did she told you.
Tricia: Asked you first!
Alexa: (rolled eyes) Seriously! Are you 10?

Tricia: So what goes on in Nawlins, STAYS in Nawlins!
Alexa: Here, here!

Sistergirls - soul friends from age 17 to 47 to 107!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Prom 2013 Disco Nights

Angelita and Donovan

Miranda and Alex

Zara and Kyle

Nicole came to the prom stag...

 as her date cancelled at the last minute.
                 She wore a tux like outfit 
                                          and was of course - fabulous!

Strike a pose -- now vogue!

Glamour Girls!

Dancing shoes

Angelita: Hey Zara, where are ya'll going?
Zara: To check out the disco room, come with us.

                  My girls - one for all, and all for one!

Flower power!

Miranda: here are our dates. 
Alex: Hey Babe, we're were just about to come back down.
Kyle and Donovan:  Of course, we were!

Meanwhile back at the stage..Nicole is pulling a lil outfit switcheroo! 

The 2013 Prom King and Queen!

The Royal Couple and their friends.

(Back in the Disco room)

          Miranda: Hey are you guys leaving?
          Angelita: Yes,we are going for something sweet,
                         and maybe some ice cream too!
          Miranda: Hahahah!  Did you see Nicole? 
                        She has you beat for the most leg 
                        showing dress!
          Angelita:  Good!
          Alex: You guys be careful out there.
          Donovan: We will. Congrats again, 
                         His and Her Majesty!

                                       Zara: So should I curtsy?
                                       Miranda: But of course! 
                                       Kyle: I see our other friends 
                                           skipped out a lil early.
                                      Alex:  Yeah, I know riiight!

 Until next year...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flashbacks from my doll past!

Now,  this is how I want 
to go shoe shopping!

This was my version of "Bride Gone Wild".   It was for Bride Show and Tell when I was a member of  the Atlanta Doll Collector Club.

 This was my 2nd best dollie deal EVER! I adopted this lil darling for $40 at a Humane society thrift sale!  Don't ya love it?  A Fayzah Spanos baby! Looking forward to re-dressing her, she is packed away right now.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Surprise!

I hope the girls enjoy these baskets as much as I enjoyed making them.

Basket, chocolate bunny and jelly beans.


Finished Basket!

All ready for lunch with my best girls!

 After Lunch...

                           Sophia: Hi Sterling!
                           Sterling: Hey Sweet Soph, I was just thinking about you. 
                                          Are you on your way here?
                           Sophia: Yes, sweetie, I am just leaving the restaurant.
                           Sterling: Great, I really need to see you, shuga.
                           Sophia: Me too, baby, me too!

Sterling: Baby, you are here!
Sophia: Oh Sterling, I'm so glad I am finally here.

Sterling: Gimme some of that Sophie shuga! 
Sophia: That I can do!

Sterling: Take a load off. I know shopping and "doing lunch", 
                is very tiring (laughing).
 Sophia: Ha, ha mister! You just want me to try out your new sofa. 
          I must admit, you did a pretty good job with the room.  
          It just needs a few finishing touches.

Sophia: Let me show you the pictures from today.
Sterling: Wow, nice Easter Basket.
Sophia: That's what I made for my girls.

                                         Sterling:  Who's the dude?
                                         Sophia:  Oh him? 
                                         Sterling: Yeah him!
                                         Sophia: Oh him, that's just Kenny...
                                                  a movie star!
                                         Sterling:  Mmmmm...                                                                                         

Girl: Mmmm whatever..let's put the photos away... I believe you owe me...

Sterling: A foot massage...yes I remember!
Sophia:  Ahhhhhh, uhhh, mmmm.

                                          Sophia: Hey, what is that behind you?
                                          Sterling: What? Where? Oh that?

Sophia: Oh my! A giant chocolate bunny! 
 Sterling: Yeah just a lil coco bunny
               for my coco honey.


Sophia:  You dear, dear man! (smooch, smooch!)

Sterling and Sophia...hearts and minds intertwined.