Friday, February 19, 2016

In honor of Valentine's Day

Here are some my favorite couples pics. 

Yes, it is after Valentine's Day, but it still February.  The duos are from past blog posts and wait for it ....future blog posts.

Love or something darn near like it is definitely in the air!

Going back to Cali (Long Beach,CA)

Here is the view from our hotel room - awesome!

Here the Queen Mary.  Maybe next trip I'll get to tour it.

Aquarium of the Pacific 

I am glad I'm on this side of the glass.

They are scary and yet also pretty.

Whoa  - that is way too close even with the glass.

How do you like my side stroke? 

Water yoga or water vogueing?

MOLAA - Museum of Latin American Art

Our last night...such a lovey sight.

Where is our gate?

We changed planes in Minneapolis. The airport has a mall in it - ooh the shopping! Check out the size of this moose!

This trip was a blast - we travel so well together.

So great to be back home in Louisville!

Side note - the airport pics were a lil blurry - I was trying to act quickly.  Hehehe - In my head I said "I am a grown woman and I can play with my dolls if I want to!"  And yet ...with all the people looking... I was a lil sheepish.   On the plus side - I love the soft effect from the blurriness.