Friday, February 19, 2016

Going back to Cali (Long Beach,CA)

Here is the view from our hotel room - awesome!

Here the Queen Mary.  Maybe next trip I'll get to tour it.

Aquarium of the Pacific 

I am glad I'm on this side of the glass.

They are scary and yet also pretty.

Whoa  - that is way too close even with the glass.

How do you like my side stroke? 

Water yoga or water vogueing?

MOLAA - Museum of Latin American Art

Our last night...such a lovey sight.

Where is our gate?

We changed planes in Minneapolis. The airport has a mall in it - ooh the shopping! Check out the size of this moose!

This trip was a blast - we travel so well together.

So great to be back home in Louisville!

Side note - the airport pics were a lil blurry - I was trying to act quickly.  Hehehe - In my head I said "I am a grown woman and I can play with my dolls if I want to!"  And yet ...with all the people looking... I was a lil sheepish.   On the plus side - I love the soft effect from the blurriness. 


  1. Your pictures are great!! They look like they had a ton of fun!! I admire your bravery, you captured some great shots and I know there had to be a lot of people around. Lol! Totally awesome!!!

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl! Some days I am braver that others! I had a blast in Long Beach - I took so many pics of the dolls it was like I was their photographer. Dolls forever!

  3. Cute DeMari! I love these photo's! I love Cali! I know you had a great time there!

  4. Hi Papi! It was a wonderful trip! So beautiful! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pics!