Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Derby Time!

Hi ya’ll! My name is Daphne and
I will be your tour guide for the “It’s Derby Time” exhibit. 


I am on my way in to get dressed.  I brought my hat with me.  It is a D'Mari Original so I didn't leave it here after rehearsal yesterday. 

That’s me last year.  Isn’t that the biggest wreath you have ever seen?

I had a lil “situation” (tug of war) regarding the Byron Lars dress I wanted to wear – You know I won.

The dress is slammin’!

                   Am I right or am I riiight?

The Kentucky Derby is known almost as much for the fashions at the track as for the horse racing – especially the hats! 

 They wear all shapes and sizes from supersized 

To the delicate fascinator to the


completely outrageous!

These ladies are modeling hats created by D’Mari Designs.  The designer took the photographs in a museum with Kentucky Derby art as a backdrop. 

The lady in red.

      This my favorite one of all!
            Am I am vogueing or walking like a Egyptian?

The day before the Kentucky Derby is the Kentucky Oaks.  At the Oaks all the horses are fillies (girls).  Ride on ladies! 

And as you can see here the theme color is pink!

What is more fascinating me or my fascinator? It's a tie!

                 Oh so vogue in the designer marabou hat!

Camera shy?

And oh the parties and galas!   
Fundraising is the focus but the fashions are exquisite! 

                    The theme of this gala was flowers.

Carissa is divine as Water Lily so appropriate her muse was the Princess and the Frog.

                                                              Zora is working it as The Rose.

 Nikki chose the Iris, she and the dress are blooming.
                                          A lovely bouquet of ladies!

                                                           See ya'll next year!


  1. Wow!!!! So much pretty in one place! : ) I love your photostory. The hats are lovely and I especially love how you styled them. Great seeing a post from you.

    1. Thank ya Georgia Girl! You know I love to be creative with my girls. I don't know which one I love more doll crafts or doll photography!I I said I would was going to post monthly - but I'm a lil behind!

  2. Love, love this Derby Chicks!!!

    1. Welcome back Unknown! I just listen to my girls, and they tell me what they want to wear and I make it happen. So much fun!

  3. Seems I missed this post. So much fun. All of your ladies are looking quite lovely. I love the story, and your hats are wonderful! I designed hats and handbags for this small company a few years ago. Kentucky Derby time was crazy. We were able to just go wild with our designs. This post reminded me of those days. Daphne is looking quite fly in her Byron Lars design. Did you repaint the Carissa doll? She is gorgeous!

  4. Hiya Vanessa! Thank you so much, i enjoyed creating the hats. Carissa is the original Princess and the Frog from Ashton Drake. After this doll came out, they released her in a lovely blue gown. I seem to have started a lil Tiana collection, How did that happen? Lol!

  5. This post just came up in my feed but it is dated for May 2014. I am not sure how that happened, but I am happy it did. Your ladies are lovely in their Kentucky Derby hats and fascinators. I love them all. The gowns for the gala were quite lovely, too. This was beautiful way to begin my day.


  6. Thanks dgb! So glad you enjoyed the show. I can't believe it has October since I posted to the blog- I need to get back to it! It is so much fun, but lately I have let life get in the way. I need to correct that! Dolls forever!