Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taylor and Nikki Swap Cities

Hi ya'll!  
My name is Taylor.  I am swapping cities with another shopping chick. I am so excited - what an adventure!

I had a flight delay (or two) and a layover
 but I finally made my flight.  
I took a few photos before I left for Arizona. 
I am fresh from the spa and just had a lovely day of shopping!

Fierce boots!
I sure will miss Louisville!

Here I am checking out the holiday lights!

And here's Nikki! She is my city swap partner.

Enjoy Louisville Nikki!

Hi Taylor! 
And thanks for the warm welcome to Derby City!  
And Taylor...
Yes, Nikki?
I...uh...I prefer to be called Nicolette.
No problem Nicolette! 
("whatever you say Ms. Diva" - she whispered under her breath)

I love the Mall St.Matthews!
And at Oxmoor Mall - a Macy's! So glad they have one here!
These art horses are amazing!
Wow - so glad I did my shopping before all this snow.

Here are a few lil add-on photos with a snow theme:

Uh-oh! My beach chair is sinking in the snow! 

Look Ma-no hands!

             The Snow Princess!


  1. Love, these pictures. So creative!!

  2. Beautiful!! Great seeing a post from you DeMari. I especially love the picture of the doll hanging in the tree. Very nice!

  3. Thanks so much Unknown! It is so much fun to create with dolls! They take direction very well. Hehehe!

  4. Hey Georgia Girl! I am trying to post more often - it is so much fun! Yes, the tree is my favorite also. If it had not been so cold, I would have taken more. LoL!

  5. Your dolls are gorgeous ^^ I love Taylor's outfit

  6. Hiya Bounnie Doll! Thank you so much! Taylor "borrowed her top and pants from her LIV cousin and her coat is from Family Dollar. You never know what you will find in that store! Glad you enjoyed the post.