Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slow Motion Collecting

I have been collecting since I was little. My collections have included teddy bears, hugging animals, unicorns.  They're all gone now...all except the elephants,the Green M&M and of course the dolls. Oh the dolls! From rag dolls to artist dolls to baby dolls to fashion dolls.  Yes, dolls are indeed my passion! 

  And yet...other items call to me ALL the time!  In 2012 I started Slow Collections, so I can keep collecting without heading into hoarder-dom.  I can only buy one item in each category per year; or if nothing catches my eye I can buy two the next year.  It has been great fun searching (and that is half the fun of collecting) for the "one". 

Here are my Slow Collections as of 2015:


Hello Kitty

Easter Bunnys

Longaberger Baskets

Yippee - time to hunt for the "the one" for 2016!

And since I only have 3 of some, I am due a "catch up one"!!


  1. Ooh, I love your Nutcrackers! I have never seen any of these! I totally get the slow collection. The only thing is that they can easily turn into a fast collection! Lol! I started out "slow collecting" Monster I am atleast 25 dolls deep. It was the same for the Ever After High dolls. I have already purchased six of them. Lol! Slow collecting is not working for me!! Lol! Great to see you posting again friend!

  2. Hi Georgia Girl! I think Slow collecting is working here because it is NOT dolls! I have already purchased 6 dolls and it is only January. Well, I did buy several more of the Made to Movie dolls, but they don't really count in the doll count since they were purchased for their bodies. Right! As for posting, I have already posted as many as I did all year - going for a record! Hehehe!